How Spirituality Makes Us Stupid, Selfish, Unhappy

“When someone tells me that they are not really religious, but that they are a very spiritual person, I want to punch their face. Hard.” (1) I just finished reading David Webster’s short and fun book Dispirited: How Contemporary Spirituality Makes us Stupid, Selfish and Unhappy (Zero Books, 2012).  I was happy to read aContinue reading “How Spirituality Makes Us Stupid, Selfish, Unhappy”

Philosophy as a Way of Life: Blogging, Vlogging, and More

I’m always inspired by Keith Wayne Brown, a friend, teacher, and philosopher.  He follows the philosophy of Karl Jaspers, and like Jaspers, he reminds me of what is best in philosophy.  He reminds me of what it means to philosophize as a way of life.  Keith has a wonderful blog, Reason and Existenz, and he recently beganContinue reading “Philosophy as a Way of Life: Blogging, Vlogging, and More”