As 2016 comes to a close, I’d like to rant about people who say “Happy Gregorian New Year,” but I’ve written about that elsewhere. For now, I’m getting ready for a busy 2017 for publications and conferences.

I just finished submitting the manuscript for my ecofeminism anthology, Women and Nature? Beyond Dualism in Gender, Body, and Environment. It’ll be published with Routledge sometime in 2017. I edited the book with Douglas Vakoch, with whom I’m working on a couple more ecofeminism anthologies. This book aims to further non-dualist elements of ecofeminist thought and practice while also reestablishing grounds for ecofeminism in light of its critical reception in postcolonial, transgender, and anti-essentialist discourses.

I have a few other things coming out in 2017. The paperback of my book Whole Earth Thinking and Planetary Coexistence will be out in the next few months. The easiest and most affordable way to read it is still through an e-rental via Around June, an integral ecology anthology I’ve been working on for a while is finally coming out. The Variety of Integral Ecologies: Nature, Culture, and Knowledge in the Planetary Era. Co-edited with Sean Kelly and Adam Robbert, the anthology will be published with SUNY.

I also have a few chapters in books that will be out late next year (or early the following year). One is for an anthology on Greening Philosophy of Religion, in which I’m writing a piece on ecological democracy in Alfred North Whitehead’s philosophy of religion. People like Catherine Keller and William Connolly are crucial for my reading of Whitehead. I’m also contributing to a volume on Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Phenomenology of Religious Experience. My chapter focuses on a realist application of the phenomenological epoché. Finally, I’m writing “Planetary Askesis: Peter Sloterdijk’s Stoic Journey into Existential Spatiality,” which will appear in German Stoicisms: From Nietzsche to Sloterdijk. I’ll have more details as these volumes move closer to publication.

I have a couple of conferences lined up, but much remains undetermined. I’ll be at the American Philosophical Association Pacific meeting in April, where I’ll be on a couple of panels: one where I’ll be talking about different ways of interpreting Whitehead’s ontological principle (I’ve posted about this topic HERE before). I’ll also be presenting with some amazing folks from the Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition on a panel about “Thinking in a Time of Crisis: Philosophy in Trump America.” I’ll be at the American Academy of Religion annual meeting in Boston. I’m participating in a three-year seminar on the religious implications of new materialism. I might also be in Detroit this June for the biennial conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment. I organized a panel on literature and ecofeminism, but I’m still waiting to hear if it’s accepted. Details forthcoming…

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