“Shine bright like a diamond.”  That line is repeated over and over again by Rihanna in her song, “Diamonds.”  Something about the repeated injunction  to perform an act of unbreakable iridescence strikes me as profoundly beautiful and inspired, hinting at some deep source of inspiration that lies dormant in our average and ordinary experiences.  

“We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky.”  To be is to be an alluring and inviolable substance shining in the firmament of our elemental abode.  Being is diamond-being, and the shine radiates with an injunction to shine: you and I are beautiful like diamonds, so shine accordingly!  Be(come) who you are (becoming).  “So shine bright.”  Shining bright, I am always under the weight of the injunction to shine.  I am always already diamond-being, which means I am continually returning to practice the injunction, repeating the refrain, “Shine bright like a diamond.” 

What’s the source of this enlightened vision?  I had my guesses, then I looked closely at the lyrics and confirmed my hypothesis.  To put it rather allusively, it’s like a cosmic and molecular mode of ecstatic inspiration, an intoxicating and heartwarming  panvitalism (or panallurism).

Palms rise to the universe
As we moonshine and molly
Feel the warmth, we’ll never die
We’re like diamonds in the sky.

You’re a shooting star I see
A vision of ecstasy
When you hold me, I’m alive
We’re like diamonds in the sky

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