Schopenhauer on Philosophy Blogs

Of course, Schopenhauer didn’t have a blog, but a glance at his notebooks indicates the kind of delightfully pessimistic  things we might hear from him. 

Could any great mind have reached his goal and created a lasting work, if he had taken the flitting will-o’-the-wisp of public opinion as his guiding star, i.e., the opinion of little minds?

I have lifted the veil of truth higher than any mortal before me.  But I should like to see the man who could boast of a more miserable set of contemporaries than mine.

It enters my mind as little to mix in the philosophical disputes of the day, as to go down and take part when I see the mob having a scuffle in the street.

All of those quotations can be found in Helen Zimmern’s old book, Arthur Schopenhauer, His Life and Philsosophy.  I should note that I’m only joking.  I don’t really have any idea what Schopenhauer would have to say about philosophy blogs.  It’s hard to say what a dead philosopher would think of contemporary phenomena.  Maybe there should be some kind of argumentum post mortem fallacy.

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