Chemophobia is a real problem among environmentalists.  I’m not against organic agriculture, but I’m not against chemicals either.  Chemicals are not bad.  On this, I side with Paracelsus, who was one of the first to introduce chemicals into occidental medicine.  Just like chemicals can have a healthy role in medicine, they can have a healthy orContinue reading “Chemophobia”

History of LSD Comic Strip

Cognitive Liberty UK posted an excellent comic stip on the history of LSD HERE.  Here’s a link directly to the comic: Comics are an effective way to disseminate truth, especially about a controversial topic like psychedelic drugs.  Like the saying goes (from Chaplin? Shaw?  Wilde?): “If you’re going to tell people the truth, youContinue reading “History of LSD Comic Strip”

Survival of the Sexiest

The New York Times has an interesting opinion piece on social Darwinism, mainly showing that social Darwinism has far less to do with Darwinism than it does with Herbert Spencer’s idea of “survival of the fittest.”  Commenting on this piece HERE, Adam Robbert sums it up nicely: “There has never been any validity to socialContinue reading “Survival of the Sexiest”

Alien Phenomenology vs. Environmental Holism

I’ve been enjoying Ian Bogost’s new book, Alien Phenomenology, or What It’s Like to Be a Thing.  It’s another great contribution to object-oriented ontology.  One of the problems I have with it so far is that it misrepresents holistic approaches to environmental issues.  I generally appreciate the object-oriented critique of holism, but it’s important toContinue reading “Alien Phenomenology vs. Environmental Holism”

Philosophy as a Way of Life: Blogging, Vlogging, and More

I’m always inspired by Keith Wayne Brown, a friend, teacher, and philosopher.  He follows the philosophy of Karl Jaspers, and like Jaspers, he reminds me of what is best in philosophy.  He reminds me of what it means to philosophize as a way of life.  Keith has a wonderful blog, Reason and Existenz, and he recently beganContinue reading “Philosophy as a Way of Life: Blogging, Vlogging, and More”